Campus Tech Forum with CXS

Jan 17, 2019

Campus Occupier CXS Connected Enterprise invite fellow occupiers to a gathering of tech-minded people to discuss anything tech related in an open, relaxed and collaborative way. The inaugural meeting on Thursday 17th January at 2pm in the Spindle Meeting Room, 1000 Lakeside, will hopefully kick start a worthwhile quarterly forum that is of benefit to all who attend.

Get in on the ground floor of this new forum and collaborate with like minds, discuss ideas, solutions, issues or just technology in general and meet the team behind CXS.

CXS Connected Enterprise based in building 2000 are an award winning, technology leading private ISP, MSP, Data Centre, Cloud, Connectivity and Network Infrastructure business operating all private carrier connectivity network throughout the UK, Europe and US.

With specific strengths in Cisco and Juniper networking, enterprise WAN infrastructures and global data technology deployments and support, the team at CXS are highly capable, yet highly personable and would love to meet more like-minded people.

We have also created a Private LinkedIn group for Lakeside Occupiers interested in tech, if you would like to be invited to join please do let myself or Karen Tyrrell know, and we will send you the details straight away.

Please click here to let CXS know if you are going to attend so we can organise refreshments.

Jan 11, 2019

Front of House Forum

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Jan 16, 2019

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