Creating a Resilient Office

Mar 13, 2019

The Workplace is Changing... More than one in three workers are disengaged. How can the workplace help? How do you build a Resilient Office that considers People, Technology and Place?

resilient offices

We can no longer create the same spaces and expect different results. We are in the midst of an office renaissance, where people are rejecting the sea of sameness that has become common in the office.

Today’s workspaces need an ecosystem of spaces designed to adapt and evolve, optimising real estate whilst fostering employee engagement. The result can be a more engaged workforce that allows the company to respond and adapt to business challenges.

Find out more from our international guest speaker, Zoe Humphries of Steelcase Inc.

Zoe Humphries is a Senior Consultant with over 10 years of experience helping corporations to develop strategic work environment designs, standards, and strategy. She uses her expertise working with blue chip clients to develop workplace environments that are linked to the organization’s objectives and culture.

Currently based in London, United Kingdom, Zoe’s experience includes developing workplace strategies for FT’s 100 clients, aligning organisational culture and coordinating change management efforts. Her most recent consulting projects include developing alternative work strategies for companies wanting to adapt new work styles that drive efficiency of workplace utilisation while at the same time improving employee effectiveness.

She speaks publicly at various business seminars throughout Europe and the Middle East on a variety of topics such as generations at work, cultural diversity and its impact on office design, how to enhance user Engagement and Wellbeing and more.

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Welcome refreshments will be available in our Business Lounge prior to the Guest Speaker presentation at 11.30am, followed by networking over a light lunch in a newly refurbished office suite on the 1st floor of 4000 Lakeside.

This event is a collaboration between Portsdown and the following South Coast Property Associations: Portsmouth, Southampton & Bournemouth

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