Helping Business Growth – The Role of the ‘Landlord’

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We don’t like to refer to ourselves as landlords here at Lakeside North Harbour. We believe our role is more of a business partner or enabler.

We don’t like to refer to ourselves as landlords here at Lakeside North Harbour. It is a rather old-fashioned term with somewhat draconian connotations and does not reflect our campus and personality. But as owners of an accommodation asset that others use in return for payment, a landlord is effectively the word traditionally used to refer to us. So how do we see our purpose if not as a traditional landlord?

We believe our role is more of a business partner or enabler. We provide our occupiers with access to the facilities and environment that allows them to perform and attract the best people. But it’s even more than that. Yes, we could probably fill the campus with a huge number of transient businesses and have an occupancy turnover rate to match it, but whilst ‘full’ sounds valuable the cost of regular changeovers is huge.

We prefer to have stronger, long-term relationships with our occupiers and to understand and support them in delivering their business strategies. By working in partnership, we develop a campus that works for everyone in terms of the facilities it offers, and we can also help our clients to grow without the need for regular relocation and the associated cost that brings.

Already at Lakeside North Harbour, we have several occupiers that have enjoyed exponential business growth since arriving with us. By sharing their plans with us we have been able to assist with the growth by providing the right space for expansion at the right time. As well as providing valuable space for physical growth in the business, our masterplan for the campus is about ensuring a mixed-use scheme that is occupied by a range of businesses. In doing so, we provide the opportunity for peer support and inter-company partnerships to develop, instead of competitors on either side of every suite.

It would be easy to label the campus and attract just tech companies, call centres or professional services businesses but having a variety of sectors and professions adds real value for networking, skills availability and knowledge.

The final element of our growth support role is delivered by our on-site facilities management team who allow our occupiers the time to grow their businesses without having to worry about the day-to-day management of buildings and facilities.

So if you are looking for traditional office space with a traditional landlord tenant relationship, we’re probably not the right place to start. But if you have ambitious plans for the future and want to work with someone who can play a part in achieving that business growth, the number to call is (+44) (0) 23 9238 9056.


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