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Thinking of entering our photography competition but need a bit of guidance on how to take the ultimate picture? Bill Moulsdale shares his top tips for taking a great picture.


Thinking of entering our #photolakeside photography competition but need a bit of guidance on how to take the ultimate picture? Bill Moulsdale, Managing Director of Lakeside based Giant Leap Video & Photography gives us the benefit of his knowledge and shares his 3 top tips for taking a great picture.

  1. Composition, composition, composition

Something has caught your eye and you are keen to capture and share it. Before you snap away, take a moment to compose the image. Take care to frame the image exactly as you imagine you want it. Is there a central element that needs to fill the frame or is it about a foreground and background, e.g. a duck on the lake in the background with a ‘No Swimming’ sign in the foreground?

If there is a lot of detail to the image, then don’t be afraid to pull the focus in tight, sometimes abstract images create more discussion. If you’ve got people in the picture, make sure you can fit everyone in and don’t cut people’s heads off!

  1. Lights, camera, action

Lighting your picture is one of the fundamental aspects of creating the perfect shot. If you are using a DSLR camera, there are settings to control the conditions and manage the intake of light, but for many, pictures will be taken on smart phones and devices where there are fewer settings. Therefore, as a rule try to make sure the light source is in front of your subject, in other words behind you.  Don’t take pictures directly into the sun, else all you will get is glare and silhouettes. Most mobiles will allow you to set the flash to auto and in most cases, the camera will be able to determine whether the subject needs lighting, or not. If you are trying to take a distance shot, remember that the lighting will change as you zoom in, as will the impact of tiny movements in the camera – you may find that zoom images are grainier and slightly fuzzy for this reason.

  1. Landscape or portrait?

It sounds obvious but because phones and cameras have a natural orientation, the tendency is not to change the aspect and turn the device 90 degrees to make the most of the shot. If you intend to use the image in the future, it is worth remembering that you can typically crop a landscape image into portrait and maintain a good file size, but not the other way round! Also, don’t be pedestrian. Too many photos are taken at shoulder height when the real action may need you to elevate slightly or get down low. However, please don’t take this as a suggestion to start climbing trees on campus, hanging out of windows or lie on the floor next to the speed lanes in the atriums at 0845!

Happy snapping and remember, use the hashtag #photolakeside to make sure your entry counts

About Giant Leap Video and Photography

Giant Leap has been taking professional photographs for private individuals and commerce for 12 years.  They have worked for top brands and Lakeside occupiers such as The Southern Co-op, Wiggle, Adidas, The Portsmouth News and many more.  Their work has included fashion, boutique, family, landscape, products, events and much more.  They have a list of regular clients who come back time after time.


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